Diamond dressers are tools that are used in the profiling (dressing) processes of grinding wheels, mainly vitrified bonded wheels. These tools consist of a steel holder in which a single crystal or crystals of diamond or CBN are embedded, meaning that they can be divided into single-point or multi-point types.

Single-point diamond dressers are used in the profiling and sharpening processes of vitrified bonded electrocorundum and silicon carbide grinding wheels. They should not be used for dressing grinding wheels made of super-hard materials (diamond, CBN).

Single-point dressers

These are dressers with an embedded single diamond crystal.

Multi-point dressers

These are tools that use multiple diamond or CBN crystals in their work.

Impregnated dressers

These tools are used for dressing soft and medium-hard grinding wheels. In their structure, they use diamond or CBN grains of very fine granulation.


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