Guide for selecting dressers

Guide for selecting dressers

Diamond dressers are marked according to a table containing a description of a given range, found in the description of each product.

Dresser selection

Selection of diamond crystal mass
The mass of the diamond crystals in the multi-point dresser should be selected according to the size of the abrasive grain and the diameter and width of the grinding wheel being used.

Example of selection
To select a multi-point dresser for dressing a grinding wheel with a diameter of D = 300 mm and a width of H = 150 mm, it is necessary to determine where the lines intersect on the diagram – see example. After reading, we find that a properly selected dresser should have diamond crystals with a total mass of 3.50 ÷ 5.00 kr.

Conditions of use

Conditions for correct operation
Due to the brittleness of the diamond crystals, the dressing process of the grinding wheel should be carried out with smooth movements, without jerks or impacts. The profiling and sharpening of the grinding wheel should start from the largest and most deformed part of the wheel. When dressing profile grinding wheels (e.g. thread grinding wheels), dressing should always be carried out from the edge of the cutting edge towards the side surfaces. This eliminates the risk of chipping grains on the edge of the grinding wheel.

Processing parameters
Dressing of the grinding wheel is carried out in preliminary and then finishing stages using two to three passes each time.
Dressing parameters are given in the description of each type of dresser.
Peripheral speed of grinding wheel
During dressing, this should be a maximum of 50% of the grinding speed during cutting.

When dressing, special attention should be paid to cooling the dresser. The dressing process should be started with the established intensive dressing cooling and with the grinding wheel rotating. Turning on the coolant flow once dressing has started risks damaging the dresser.


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