Guide to select electroplated grinding wheels

Description of symbols used on range

Galvanic bonded grinding wheels are marked according to a table in the “SAMPLE ORDER” section. This table can be found in the description of a given product. For galvanic bonded tools, a steel /KS/ body is always used.

We do not cover bodies made of stainless steel or coated with other substances.

Symbol of the bond

The galvanic bond is indicated by the symbol /G/.

Grain granulation

Granulation is provided in the table according to FEPA grit sizes.

The correct choice of grain size guarantees the correct operation of the grinding wheel and achievement of the desired smoothness of machined surfaces. In general. the finer the grain size, the smoother the machined surface. However, it is not always desirable to attempt to obtain the smoothest possible surface, but rather to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time. This means that the coarsest grain which is capable of achieving an acceptable level of smoothness should be used.

Grain concentration

The grain concentracion value for galvanic bonded diamond grinding wheels was taken as K50, which corresponds to 2.2 kr of abrasive grain per 1cm2 of abrasive layer, while the grain concentration value for CBN grinding wheels was taken as V120, which corresponds to 2.09 kr of abrasive grain per 1cm2 of abrasive layer.

Cooling during machining

The wet grinding process (with cooling) is superior to dry grinding (without cooling) both in terms of the lifespan of the grinding wheel and the quality of machining. Cooling improves the grinding conditions by better removing the spoil and by lowering the temperature at the grinding area. Thus, wet grinding should be used whenever possible.

Oil/water emulsions with a concentration of several dozen percent are recommended as coolants when machining with diamond grinding wheels, while mineral oils with additives that increase the cooling effect are recommended when machining with CBN grinding wheels.

Recommended machining parameters

When machining holes with galvanic bonded mounted points, the following machining parameters are recommended:

Parametr Diament Borazon
Peripheral grinding speed 20 – 30 m/s 20 – 30 m/s
Peripheral speed of the grinding wheel dependent on wheel diameter dependent on wheel diameter
Feed 1 – 5 mm 1 – 5 mm
Table feed 0,5 – 5 m/min 0,5 – 5 m/min
Maximum in-feed per double stroke 20% grain size 20% grain size

Excessively large allowances should not be used with fine-grained grinding wheels as this causes an increase in wear of the grinding surface and a decrease in the quality of the machined surface. In the case of roughing, always choose the largest grit in order to achieve the highest grinding efficiency.

It is recommended to use a grinding depth no greater than 20% of the nominal grain size per double stroke of the grinding wheel. For example, for a grain size of D1266 (B126), the in-feed should not exceed 0.025 mm.

Placing an order

If possible, please specify the type of material and type of processing (roughing, finishing) in your order as well as the operating conditions and type of machinery the wheels will be used on, an a diagram. This will allow us to adapt the wheel as closely as possible to your needs.

If you are interested in a grinding wheel not found in our offer, we can custom manufacture one for you by special order. his page consist some of the most popular products from our offer.


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