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Aluminium oxide and silicon carbide grinding wheels

A wide range of grinding wheels made from various types of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide: cylindrical grinding wheels for flat grinding, mounted points, grinding wheels for bearing machining and grinding wheels for fuel injection devices. Vitrified bonded aluminum oxide and silicon carbide vitrified bounded grinding wheels are commonly used in almost every branch of industry. Their widely...

Vitrified bonded CBN grinding wheels

The CBN vitrified grinding wheels show a significant superiority in high efficiency grinding processes when compared to conventional wheels. The physical properties of CBN (hardness, abrasion and high temperature resistance) in connection with vitrified bond properties (hardness, brittleness, porosity structure) allow to machine a more aggressive piece with great capacity and to achieve a high gri...

Diamond and CBN resin bonded grinding wheels

Resin-bonded grinding wheels allow the user to achieve a high efficiency of machining as well as good quality of the ground surface. Because the temperature increase of the workpiece is low, it is possible to conduct a highly efficient machining without fear of thermal damage to the ground details.

Diamond and CBN electroplated grinding wheels

In contrast to other grinding wheels, the electroplated ones have only one abrasive layer placed on the core by means of a nickel bond. This allows for manufacturing grinding wheels with a complex working layer shape. Moreover, there is no need for truing and dressing. Tough fixation of abrasive grain on the carrier makes it possible to get a high machining efficiency.

Grinding wheels for PCD & PCBN inserts

Tools with PCD&PCBN inserts are very retentive, but demand an occasional sharpening. Thanks to modern technology, these grinding wheels are applied in very accurate and efficient sharpening processes of PCD&PCBN tools, which are more and more widespread in advanced manufacturing techniques in many branches of industry. When sharpening PCD&PCBN inserts, vitrified bonded diamond grinding wheels ...

Composite plates for machining

Composite plates for machining are appropriate for machining tempered steels, cast irons, sintered carbides, and non-ferrous materials and their alloys at high cutting speed. Their application is particularly recommended for heavy machining. Thanks to their high shock resistance, they are appropriate for rough machining of cast details or for bar turning.

Diamond dressers

Diamond dressers are used for dressing and truing aluminum oxide and silicon carbide vitrified bonded grinding wheels. Multi-point diamond dressers type M2110, M2210 and M2220 may also be used for dressing and truing of superhard grinding wheels (diamond and CBN).


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