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Diamond and CBN resin bonded grinding wheels

Resin-bonded grinding wheels allow the user to achieve a high efficiency of machining as well as good quality of the ground surface. Because the temperature increase of the workpiece is low, it is possible to conduct a highly efficient machining without fear of thermal damage to the ground details.

Wheel selection guide

This guide contains basic information regarding the proper selection and use of CBN and diamond resin bonded grinding wheels. It also explains in detail the rules of marking and ordering the tools.

Standard wheels according to FEPA

Straight and profile grinding wheels according to FEPA rules.

Diamond and CBN resin bonded grinding wheels

Grinding wheels for furniture and woodworking industries

Wheels designed for the sharpening of cutting tools: saws and milling cutters with blades made of sintered carbides and high speed steels (HSS).

Diamond and CBN resin bonded grinding wheels


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