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INTER-DIAMENT® is a Polish producer of grinding wheels. We are located in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, which is about 40 kilometers southwest of Warsaw. The beginnings of our business activity date back to the eighties.
Our nearly twenty-year presence on the domestic tool market has made our company a reputable one, and we are known as a reliable provider of high quality grinding wheels.

The production of conventional grinding tools as well as modern, highly efficient grinding wheels made of superhard abrasives allows our company to provide products for firms doing business in almost all branches of industry.
In November of 2002, we implemented the Quality Management System, confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. The quality policy of our company and our constant striving to develop further have helped us build trust among our domestic and foreign customers alike. The presence of our company’s products on many European markets is the best confirmation of that fact.

INTER-DIAMENT® is a leading producer of grinding wheels on the Polish market. We offer the following types of tools:
- aluminium oxide and silicon carbide vitrified bonded grinding wheels;
- metallic bonded CBN grinding wheels;
- vitrified bonded CBN grinding wheels;
- diamond and CBN resin bonded grinding wheels;
- diamond and CBN electroplated grinding wheels;
- grinding wheels for PCD & PCBN inserts;
- composite tools for machining;
- diamond dressers.

INTER-DIAMENT® specializes in delivering products according to particular consumer needs. We accept orders for atypical products with short delivery terms.


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INTER-DIAMENT® Kacprzycki Sp.j.
ul. Chełmońskiego 30
05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Polska
tel. +48 22 755 69 83
tel. +48 22 755 58 78
fax. +48 22 734 18 63